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An 'Automatic (Reverse) Document Feeder' sits on top of the device and supplies the MFP with the stack of paper one sheet at a time.
AirPrint is Apple's wireless network printing solution
The bypass on a MFP skips the ADF, allowing the device to process higher paperweights and larger paper sizes.
A Cassette is another name for a Paper Tray. Where the MFP sources the input paper from.
DPI stands for 'Dots per Square Inch' and is the printer's output quality. The higher the number the better. The standard is 600 x 600 dpi.
Drivers are what allows the computer to control how the MFP configures a print job
A Finisher offers post-print options such as stapling, folding or booklet creating and is an external add-on to the MFP.
'FollowMe' printing is the ability of collecting a job at any networked device rather than printing to one dedicated MFP.
'Grams per Square Metre' is the weight of a sheet of paper. Standard weights are between 80 and 300 gsm
MDS stands for 'Managed Document Services' and involves document digitisation, document security, cost saving, space saving and more.
MFP stands for 'Multifunctional Printer'. An all-in-one device that can copy, scan, print and fax.
MPS stands for 'Managed Print Services' and includes cost saving, waste reducing, workflow streamlining, security options and more.
PCL stands for 'Printer Command Language' and is the standard driver when PostScript is not required
PPM stands for 'Pages per minute' and is the term used for describing a device's print output speed.
PostScript is a high quality print driver that gives Mac users the ability to print with full capabilities.

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