Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an MFP?
A 'Multifunctional Printer' is a device that can print, copy, scan and have the ability to fax. All of our "photocopiers" will actually be MFP's.
What are Managed Print Services?
Managed Print Services (MPS) are cost saving, waste reduction, workflow efficiency, security and confidentiality techniques tied into an easy-to-grasp solution tailored for all organisations.
What are Managed Document Services?
Managed Document Services (MDS) are cost saving, waste reduction, document security, space saving and workflow efficiency solutions that can be tailored for all organisations
Can I fax from my MFP?
Some MFP's come with fax as standard but the majority do not. In the latter instance, fax cards are added onto the machine enabling the fax option. If you have a fax button on the control panel of your device - your device is capable but may not have the required hardware.
How do I print from my Mac?
Without PostScript: When installing your MFP, choose the "generic PCL" driver option and this will allow you to print in black & white from the device. If colour is required, you will need PostScript. PostScript is available on all of our devices.
Can my MFP staple, fold or create booklets?
Depending on the finisher attached to your MFP - You can staple, hole-punch, saddle-stitch or stream punch. If you can use finisher functions on your device there will be the option to use them in the print driver. If you are still unsure, please contact us and let us inform you as to whether you can finish with your existing setup.
How do I get replacement toners?
With Insight Systems' service agreement - You don't have to. Our software monitors your toner usage and whenever your device is running low, we will send you a replacement toner bottle. Ensuring that you are never without it. If you are not part of our service agreement, please use our Get Support form on the Get Support page.
How do I scan to email?
Scanning to emails contained within an address book is available on all of Insight Systems' multifunctional devices. By configuring your scan-to-email settings within either your device's web interface or MPS software solution (Such as PaperCut MF) - Email addresses can be populated automatically upon login or via manual entry.

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  • Over 98% of our customers would recommend us to other organisations!

  • At our charitable organisation, we are always focused on maximising every penny and driving out waste, so when it came to reviewing how we copy, print and scan, it was important that we chose a partner who understood how important this is to us.

  • As a large multiple office company with over 60 multifunctional machines located throughout London and the South East it is important that we have a pro-active supplier who is aware of our requirements, and the performance and status of our equipment. Insight Systems have over the years proven to be very effective with the management of our fleet ensuring optimum performance and more importantly our peace of mind.

  • Insight Systems has been our managed print service provider for over 9 years now and we would highly recommend them. We renewed our contract last year, based on the knowledge that they would be able to provide us with the service that we required. Their customer service is great, communication on issues is fantastic and on the site engineers that visit to resolve problems are always polite and more than capable to resolve the multitude of issues that face them.

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